October 2019: The Artisan Pie Company is closed until further notice, due to unforseen circumstances.Thank you to everyone for all your support to date. It has been my pleasure to nationally deliver our handmade pies to your doorstep. We hope you have fond memories of their delicious taste.

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Our pies only use quality ingredients so that you can really taste the flavour. For example, only the lean breast of the chicken is used in the chicken pies. Our steak pies, minced steak pies and meat & potato pies use steak with typically less than 5% fat content. Our Vegan pies provide up to 2.5 of your "5 a day" in just one pie! Check the Ingredient labeling of each pie to see full breakdowns of nutritional value. I am passionate about ensuring our Artisan pies cater for a wide range of tastes and allergens. I have a varied range of Gluten Free Pies, which are accredited by Coeliac UK as of 1st May 2019. I also create Vegetarian, Vegan and Dairy Free ranges. I am proud to announce the Vegetarian Society approval, to be able to carry the licensed trade mark for both Vegetarian and Vegan pies. We also now stock a delicious Dairy Free, Gluten Free range.




All our pies are prepared with a cooked, ‘blast chilled’ filling and uncooked pastry. They are frozen immediately after hand crafting them.

Upon despatching your order, your frozen pies are packaged using 'Woolcool sustainable packaging' and ice sheets. We use a next day national courier service that aims to keep your pies frozen for 24 hours, so that you to can pop them into your freezer, until you’re ready to defrost and bake in the oven. This can be a fabulous way to plan for a party, festivities or simply quick and easy for you to bake in the oven for the whole family after a hard day in the office!

If you have left your contact details when ordering (advisable), you will be notified of delivery and if you're not in, your pies will be left with a neighbour. 

On my ‘pie-site’, you’ll find you can subscribe. From here, I'll be offering discount codes along the way! You could email me and add your suggestions for pie fillings; please feel free to offer constructive critique and share your feedback too.